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At Winnersh Triangle Business Park, we are fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful greenery including having Dinton Pastures right on our doorstep. Dinton Pastures is 450 acres, it has seven lakes, two rivers, three public bird hides, and lots of meadows.

Wokingham Borough Council is releasing a survey to ask people their opinions on footpaths and connections in the local area. Have your say too! Currently there isn’t an easy to way to get to Dinton from Winnersh Triangle. The council is developing a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for the Wokingham Borough.The aim is to determine where best to focus future investment in active travel infrastructure to support walking and cycling across in the area.

Have your say

If you would like easy access to Dinton Pastures so you can enjoy your lunch hour or visit after work, then visit the website. Simply comment that you would like a footpath all the way from Winnersh Triangle, through the Meadows and into Dinton Pastures. Or perhaps you live locally and would like footpaths connecting to Winnersh Triangle for a quicker route to work.

Whatever suggestions you have to help connect Winnersh Triangle with better walking and cycling routes, let the council know.

You can see the suggested route to Dinton Pastures on the map.

Simply visit the website and click Have Your Say to add your comment in the Winnersh area, on the interactive heatmap.

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