For better mondays

A happy workforce

This is a place in which your business can flourish; a responsive, flexible environment that enables businesses to operate efficiently, but also in a setting that respects the needs of the individual.

Everyone can be a part our WinnershLife community, with great places to dine and drink and an abundance of green space to enjoy.

Winnersh Triangle Management Office,
Building 1000, Eskdale Road, Winnersh Triangle, RG41 5TS

Get in

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Office leasing agents

Ed Smith
+44 20 7629 7282

Kevin Cook
+44 118 909 7409

Jeremy Metcalfe
+44 20 7318 5139

Charlie Nicholson
+44 118 909 7419

Industrial leasing agents


Andy Harding
+44 20 7087 5310

Charlie Nicholson
+44 118 909 7419

Shaun Rogerson
+44 20 7087 5307

Patrick Pringle
+44 118 909 7478

Property management

Rob Faulkner

David McCarthy
Facilities Manager

Security (24/7)