We believe a positive work life balance leads to increased productivity, lower absenteeism and a happier, less stressed workforce. Winnersh Triangle is home to a plethora of amenities to make your working day that bit easier. We also arrange and run a variety of activities throughout the year, including fitness classes, clinics, workshops and events for everyone to enjoy. We also have a nursery on the park, to help alleviate any unnecessary early-morning stress.

Amenity & Biodiversity Map

On-site Amenities

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A space to breathe

The team at Winnersh Triangle understand the importance of open space to mental health, taking a break and general wellbeing. That’s why there are pockets of green space where you can enjoy some time out with colleagues or for a solo lunch break. These include The Green at the Piazza, the pocket park at the 200 series and the new boulevards along Eskdale Road. Winnersh Triangle is also lucky to neighbour Winnersh Meadows and Dinton Pastures Country Park which include extended amenities such as an outdoor gym, walking routes, mini golf and nature trails.
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