Our buildings buzz with the cutting-edge businesses that gather in the Thames Valley, and international companies enjoy the close-proximity to Heathrow
and speedy access to central London.

Perfect Location

winnersh triangle rail station view
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By Rail
8 min
from Reading
36 min
from Paddington
road view of winnersh triangle
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By Road
5.6 miles
from Reading
38.7 miles
from Central London
air travel from winnersh triangle
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By Air
30 min
from Heatrow
60 min
from Gatwick
bus image
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By Bus
12 min
from Reading
5 min
walk from Winnersh Triangle
By Rail
By Road

Car Charging

At Winnersh Triangle we now have two 50kw InstaVolt electric charging stations located at Building 210, Wharfdale Road. InstaVolt car charging stations are easy to use and available on a pay as you go basis with no subscription or membership required. Drivers simply tap their contactless credit or debit card, charge up and go. Winnersh Triangle is committed to making the park an easier place to drive an electric vehicle, and assist in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.
instavolt charging port board
outdoor park view at winnersh triangle