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This year’s theme for Mental Health Awareness Week, is #MomentsforMovement. 

Physical Activity has many benefits for boosting your mental health and improving your mood and wellbeing. But before you rush back to your desk, remember that this doesn’t mean you have to engage in hours of rigorous exercise.

Movement can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, putting some music on and dancing to your favourite tunes or balancing on one leg while you wait for the kettle to boil.

Creating fun ways to break your routine and add a little movement may not only make you smile but will boost your mental health battery to prevent you from running low.

This month why not join in some of our community events including Meet The Bees, Free Yoga Classes with Move HQ during May or sign up for our ever popular Summer Hanging Basket workshops in June.

Michael Mosley on his BBC bitesize podcast “Just One Thing”, provides a wide range of ideas for getting moving from skipping to  gardening.

In fact, why not lend a hand pulling a few weeds on our community raised beds during lunchtime or challenge yourself or your colleagues to see how many laps of The Green or the Business Park you can complete. And if you do want to go further afield, you could hire a FREE Ryde bike and explore Dinton Pastures.

The Mental Health Foundation is also offering you the chance to go on a Virtual World Tour with Strava. Why not set up an office team and see how far you can get?

Whatever you decide, start releasing those ‘feel good chemicals’ that movement generates by making small moves today. 

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