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  • British green innovation builds momentum as tepeo expands its manufacturing capacity.
  • The new space at Winnersh Triangle will also drive research and development, underscoring tepeo’s commitment to continuous improvement and technological advancement.
  • A tripled manufacturing ability will allow tepeo to decarbonise more homes every year through their Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB®).

In a step towards decarbonising the UK’s domestic heating, tepeo, a leader in smart thermal storage, announces the expansion of its operations to an additional facility at Winnersh Triangle.

In just over a year, tepeo has doubled its team in size. As the British manufacturer continues to grow, they continue to create new opportunities in the green sector for engineers and innovators. The move to expand will not only mean an increase in the number of ZEBs produced, but will also provide a new home for tepeo’s expanding team.

The additional offices will further support British innovation, as the new facility is exclusively allocated for R&D and production. This will provide tepeo’s engineers with a space to innovate, paving the way for advanced and accessible ways to decarbonise the UK’s domestic heating.

As oil and gas boilers are due to be phased out by 2035, the demand for alternatives will not only grow, but become imperative. The decision to acquire an additional facility is driven by the need to meet the growing demand for the ZEB, and ensure tepeo can continue to deliver a substantial contribution to the Net Zero targets we need to meet to decarbonise the domestic heating sector.

Johan du Plessis, founder and CEO of tepeo, commenting on the significance of this move, said: “Our mission is to become leaders in low-carbon heating solutions. To achieve this we need to increase our manufacturing capabilities so we can build more ZEBs. The new building [670], opposite tepeo’s HQ, will allow for an increase in production, alongside the opportunity to drive innovation and collaboration amongst our team.

The expansion is not just a success story for the company but a promising development for British manufacturing as a whole. The doubling in size of tepeo’s manufacturing capabilities reflects the increasing demand for low-carbon home heating technology, and is a tangible sign of what the future will hold, both for tepeo and for how we think about home heating.”

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