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Finding the ideal space for you

Renting a workspace is a significant decision for any professional or business. The right space can enhance productivity and foster growth, while the wrong one can hinder your operations and drain resources. Here are factors to consider when determining your workspace needs:

Size: assess your current team size and consider future expansions. A cramped space can be stifling.

Amenities: evaluate what amenities are essential for your operations. Do you need a kitchen, meeting rooms, or specific technical facilities?

Location: this impacts your team’s commute, your business’s accessibility to clients, and even your brand perception. Consider the proximity to public transport, parking availability, and the surrounding neighbourhood. Did you know Winnersh Triangle has its own dedicated train station with direct connections to Reading and London? 

Moving in and getting set up

Moving into your new workspace requires careful planning. These are the areas to focus on:

Office setup: plan your office layout. Invest in ergonomic furniture and efficient technology. If clients will visit, ensure the space is professional and welcoming.

Phone/Internet: ensure reliable internet and phone services are in place before you start operating.

Efficient setup: use the move as an opportunity to declutter and organise. Label boxes and plan where everything goes in advance to streamline the process.

Working effectively in a shared environment

In co-working spaces or shared offices, these are the potential issues that will need to be resolved for the team to be able to work effectively:

Noise levels: be mindful of noise – use headphones for music and keep phone calls at a moderate volume.

Cleaning up: maintain cleanliness in common areas. Your habits affect everyone in the shared space.

Coordinating schedules: if meeting rooms or equipment are shared, coordinate schedules to avoid conflicts.

Respecting others’ space: be considerate about how your actions impact others. This includes both physical spaces and shared digital platforms.

Making the most of your workspace

These tips will help you to utilise your workspace fully:

Hosting events: use your space for networking events or workshops, which can also serve as brand-building exercises.

Expansion: if your business grows, consider expanding within your current building. Familiarity with the space and landlord can make this process smoother.

Maintenance: regular maintenance keeps your workspace safe and appealing, reflecting positively on your business.

Personalisation: personal touches can make the space feel more welcoming and enhance productivity. However, check with your landlord about what alterations are permissible.

Grade-A office space in the perfect working environment

Winnersh Triangle is a 1.5 million sq ft mixed-use business park located in Reading, with a wide range of offerings, including major headquarter buildings, grade-A offices and start-up office suites. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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